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There is actually an extra step with the Andorians. The first thing you have to do is go in and have this little flat contoured plate kind of thing with the wiring for the antennae put on your head first. Then you go have make-up done to a particular point and then you go back and have the wig placed on and then you go back to get the final touches on the makeup. It’s about a two and a half hour process to get into Shran.”

Think of a little boy with a remote-controlled car. He can make the car spin around and back up and stuff with a little radio controlled joystick. So think of Shran as a little remote control sports car and that’s how it works. A puppeteer runs it. He designed it. He was hired by Star Trek to come up with the design and it works beautifully.
— Jeffrey Combs on Shran.

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